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1 Hour 53 minute

director - Andrea Di Stefano

Writers - Rowan Joffe

rating - 8218 vote

country - UK

Three seconds until midnight. Three seconds horror. Three seconds to mars. Three seconds film.


Three seconds rule. Three seconds song. Three seconds rule basketball. The title protagonist is one well-known Polish drug dealer in New York, Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman) who has been working secretly for the FBI to bring down the Polish kingpin the "General. He proclaims as much, hanging from a tightening noose, with fading breath, I'm a snitch" three little words that prevent those fading breath from becoming dying breath.
The plot, while not entirely straight forward, is nowhere near convoluted. The movie opens with Pete, obviously excited, telling wife Sofia (Ana de Armas) that this one last deal he is working on may bear fruit. A monkey wrench however is thrown unexpectedly into the whole business, a new buyer Daniel Gomez who is quickly recognize as an undercover NYPD cop and shot dead by one of the Polish gangsters. As a suspect, Pete will have his activities jeopardized. The shrewd General, however, recognizes this as an opportunity to use Pete. The scheme is for Pete to break parole (he had killed someone in a random fight) go back jail and supply drugs to the inmates of the entire prison system. This would put them all in the General's debts, whether in prison or after they come out. "I will own a (unprintable) army" beams the General.
There are two other players in this game, both from the law-enforcement side. FBI agent Wilcox (Rosamund Pike) Pete's contact, tries to help him get out of this mess as well as complete his mission. Her boss Montgomery (Clive Owen) however, sees Pete only as a pawn and is ready to abandon him (and even Wilcox if she chooses to side with Pete) if and when he no longer has any value. NYPD officer Grens (Common) Daniel's boss, vows vengeance for him. "I sent the guy when he was not ready. It's on me." With Pete being the prime suspect and a glimpse of Wilcox in a car outside the crime seen caught on surveillance video, the plot pits the "FBI field office" against "the country's biggest police department. A good fight" Grens throws down the gauntlet to Montgomery and Wilcox. Let the game begin.
The story takes twist and turns, some predictable, some less so. The ending twist is quite clever - I don't believe I have ever seen a sniper's shot played this way - although somewhat far-fetched. This movie is not spectacular. What make it quite an enjoyable crime thriller is having everything a little above average: narrative development, pacing, handling of suspect and action, framing of shots.
While character development is not among its fortes, there is an excellent cast. Kinnaman, among the top of the B-list male leads, does a credible job here. Pike and Owen do not have much to work with but they bring into the movie their stellar persona. Moving fast into stardom is de Armas, making a definitecontribution. Perfectly cast is Common. A few other supports complete a solid cast.

Three seconds wiki. Knock knock. Who's there. Aren't. Aren't who. Aren't you pissed your wife is taking it in the ass form another guy right now SO funny im sure the laughter from Willis was totally real. Three seconds 2017. Three seconds behind the wheel. The trailer is basically ruining the movie. The second chance movie 2006. The second set. Three seconds prince ea. Three seconds in the lane. Movie three seconds. The best movie I've seen this year. I never wanted it to end. Phoenix does a phenomenal job.

Agreed, I had to turn it off xD. Three seconde guerre. Three seconds after automobile b passes. Omg i cry everytime i watch this movie. Three seconds. Ever since Harley's Holiday I've held the personal theory that Harley knows who Batman is, and that just makes her naming the hyena Bruce so much more fun to me. I was hoping for Bud and Lou though, ngl. This was a great zombie flick. A different concept from all of the other undead movies. Two 👍👍 up.

Three seconds from mars steve colbert show video. Three seconds of summer. Three seconds of summer. Three seconds after book. Three seconds imdb. Three seconds to make you laugh. Three seconds minus -2 minus -3. Three seconds watch online. Three seconds book. Preach it. This is a keeper!🤣🤣 Amen brother Joe. Three seconds violation. Film three seconds. Three seconds 1080p. Three seconds novel. The second coming.


IAmVo you made me this day a special day I will hunt my every payback from my list 😍 Your The King 👑WELCOME AND STEP UP brother I will drink 🍷 their blood when I hunt them 😘. Very nice movie. Gloom isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this. does put a smile on my face. Three seconds to mars.


Three seconds to midnight. Three seconds movie. Three second life. Three seconds poem. Three seconds after. Thanks for bringing him back to me. Poetic and beautiful. Three seconds to rush. Three seconds.

Three seconds in the lane rule

LOVE THIS MOVIE AND SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT! <3 What does Seann say at the end of this trailer.





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