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Cast=Leslie Caron. Director=Vincente Minnelli. writers=Alan Jay Lerner. Drama. audience Score=28511 votes. countries=USA. Share on: Share via Facebook Share via Twitter 5 / 5 stars 79% 95% Cast & Crew Jerry Mulligan Lise Bouvier Adam Cook Henri Baurel Milo Roberts Georges Matthieu (uncredited) Mathilde Mattieu (uncredited) Therese (cleaning lady) (uncredited) Milo's chauffeur (uncredited) Tommy Baldwin (Milo's friend) (uncredited) John McDowd (theatre agent) (uncredited) Ben Macrow (uncredited) Director Producer Information for Parents.


In 1952, Gene Kelly starred in, co-directed, and choreographed Singin' In The Rain, which has been called by many critics the best musical ever. One year earlier, Gene Kelly starred in and choreographed another film, An American in Paris. An American In Paris is far better than Singin' In The Rain. Although its plot is not original, it's fabulous dancing has remained unmatched for over 45 years. Gene Kelly is wonderful as Jerry Mulligan, the title character. His friend, played by the always delightful Oscar Levant is also American. He is romanced by Nina Foch, a rich American woman, but he is not in love with Nina, he loves lovely Leslie Caron. Although Leslie had not yet developed her fine acting skills, she is one of the rare actresses who could keep up with Gene Kelly while dancing. Judy Garland could not, Debbie Reynolds could not, even Ann Miller could not. A wonderful score only makes this five time academy award winner better. The score by George and Ira Gershwin includes S'Wonderful, Stairway To Paradise, By Strauss, and I've Got Rhythm and simply must be heard. This is director Vincente Minnelli's best film, and should be seen by everyone with a serious passion for movies. (10 out of 10.

Parents need to know that while this movie's content is squeaky-clean (with sexuality limited to a few brief kisses), the plot behind the songs and dances is racier than that of the typical musical, featuring romantic complications, infidelity, and a predatory female character who seems intent on turning Gene Kelly's character into a gigolo. Younger kids probably won't get the innuendos, while older ones may be a bit discomfited by the romantic duplicity of the film's characters.




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