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2020. genre: Documentary. I am a Christian and have NEVER disputed anything in the Bible. It is God's word and if He said it happened it happened and if He says it will happen it will happen, God can not lie.

Wow, guys it is just leaves you speechless. It is really amazing job, thanks for this great video. Hope it will help to save this aria and people will be able to visit it safe🙏. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length tv. Patterns of evidence the red sea miracle watch full length movie. It's ALREADY been FOUND. Look up RON WYATT. LOTS of scientists did tests on that site. The Turkish government already declared it as the site. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Part 1 & 2 Tim Mahoney investigates one of the greatest miracles of the Bible. Did a mighty sea split? What secrets will be revealed?  After leaving Egypt, the Bible describes the Israelites crossing a deep sea that was miraculously split with walls of water on their right and left. When the Egyptians and their chariot force pursued, the water came crashing back down to destroy the entire army. Are miracles of this kind even possible? Skeptics contend that no evidence has ever been found for huge numbers of people crossing the wilderness or a mighty sea. Does the lack of evidence at the traditional sites mean the events didn’t happen, or might we have been looking in wrong places all along? Join Timothy Mahoney in the next chapter of the series as he retraces the steps of Moses and the Israelites, looking for answers in Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Part 1 & 2. Hear ideas from all sides of the debate as you journey back to the lands of the Bible in search of answers to one of the Bible’s biggest mysteries; where is the lost sea of the Exodus, and what really happened there? Can a patterns approach help to solve the problem? CAST – THE RED SEA MIRACLE PART I MANFRED BIETAK Egyptologist – University of Vienna From 1966-69 and 1975-2009, Bietak was the director of the Austrian excavations at Tell El-Dab’a, the eastern Nile site identified as Avaris. Here he found evidence of a massive Semitic population including a unique pyramid-style tomb of a western Asiatic official. Bietak was the founder and Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Cairo from 1973-2009 and has written dozens of important papers, many on the Hyksos period in Egypt. GLEN FRITZ Environmental Geographer – Author ‘The Lost Sea of the Exodus’ A former surgeon, Fritz obtained a PhD in Environmental Geography as part of his quest to investigate the biblical exodus from Egypt. Realizing that the location of the miraculous sea crossing was not only a historical mystery, but the chief clue for the route to Mount Sinai, Fritz pursued the topic for his 2006 doctoral dissertation, entitled The Lost Sea of the Exodus. He has also published The Exodus Mysteries: of Midian, Sinai & Jabal al-Lawz (2019). BARRY BEITZEL Old Testament scholar, geographer, and cartographer – Author ‘Moody Bible Atlas’ Beitzel has been professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical University since 1983. A recognized leader in his field, he specializes in biblical geography and cartography. His award-winning mapwork appears in many of today’s most popular Bibles, encyclopedias and atlases. He also served as senior translator for the New Living Translation, the Historical Books. TIM MAHONEY Investigative Filmmaker, Author ‘Patterns of Evidence – A Filmmaker’s Journey’ Mahoney has been searching for evidence matching the Bible for nearly 20 years. After a long career in the media industry, he established Thinking Man Films, which released its first feature documentary film Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus in 2015. This film was the winner of multiple awards in film festivals across the country. Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy was released in 2019. LOAD FULL CAST Signup for Thinker Updates Stay up-to-date with Patterns Of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle and articles revealing evidence matching the Bible.

I Love my Jesus. ummmmmmmmmmmwaah... What if we need to correct our interpretation of the Biblical Chronology? Please read on to the dates listed below, and note the Bible references. This is an Excellent DVD, presenting secular historical evidence, educating the public as to why there is a controversy over the existence of the nation of Israel in ancient Egypt and the exodus, as well as matching up the patterns from the Bible to the patterns of ancient Egyptian history.  Just like Mr Mahoney said,  “For 50 years, all the books, all the television programs, and all the university professors whove been convincing the world to dismiss the Bible (such as the events of the Exodus) have been doing so based mainly on this one issue, Chronology!” Mr Mahoney correctly suggested to shift the Biblical chronology based on 1 Kings 6, where 480 years is indicated as the time span between the Exodus to the building of the temple, such that the Exodus could move years earlier to about 1450 BC.  Mr Mahoney also suggested to shift the Egyptians chronology to overlap with the above Biblical chronology. This was assuming that the interpretation of the conventional Biblical chronology is correct, that the sojourn of ancient Israel in Egypt was 217 years. But what if we re-check our current interpretation of the Biblical chronology and find there needs to be a correction? Edwin R. Thiele, in his book The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings, established the date of the death of Solomon and the division of the kingdom as 931 BC. If we work our way back from here, this is what we get: 931 BC the death of Solomon and the division of the kingdom. 967 BC the construction of the temple began. Solomon reigned 40 years (I Kings 11:42 ) and began to build the temple in the fourth year of his reign (I Kings 6:1.   480 years is indicated as the time span between the Exodus to the building of the temple. (I Kings 6:1) 1447 BC The Exodus 430 years sojourn after Jacobs family arrives in Egypt (Ex 12:40 -41, Gal 3:17 ) 480 years is indicated as the time span between the Exodus to the building of the temple. (I Kings 6:1) 1847 BC Affliction on Israel Begins the 400 year affliction begins 30 years after Jacobs family arrives in Egypt (Gen 15:13, Act 7:6) 1877 BC Jacobs family arrives in Egypt This occurs when Jacob is 130, Joseph is 39, and the famine has 5 more years (Gen 45:6, Gen 47:9) 430 years sojourn after Jacobs family arrives in Egypt (Ex 12:40 -41, Gal 3:17 ) 1879 BC The 7 years of famine begin (Gen 45:6) 1886 BC The 7 years of plenty begin, Joseph is 30 (Gen 41:46, Gen 45:6) 1916 BC Jacob 91, Birth of Joseph (Gen 41:46 ) 2007 BC Birth of Jacob (Gen. 25:26, Gen 47:9) If we let the Bible speak for itself, that the sojourn of Israel in Egypt was exactly 430 years (Gen 15:13 ) and over 4 generations from Levi to Kohath to Amram to Aaron (Gen 15:16. instead of the conventional belief of 217 years, this fits rather nicely that Jacobs arrival occurred in the Middle Kingdom, matching the pattern of evidence found in archaeology. Darryl.

According to the scriptures the Ark of the Covenant did not have two birds on top. Exodus 37:7 says that there were two cherubims on top. Cherubims were Heavenly Creatures that had four faces and four wings. It makes me wonder how inaccurate this whole video was. Coming to movie theaters — an epic and unprecedented two-film release from 'Patterns of Evidence' in February and May of 2020 MINNEAPOLIS — Patterns of Evidence, makers of The Exodus and The Moses Controversy, will release its newest title, The Red Sea Miracle, a different kind of cinematic biblical adventure. Featuring award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, The Red Sea Miracle dives deep into two long-held views of Moses’ ancient parting of the Red Sea to investigate the validity of one of God’s most celebrated miracles. “From Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments to DreamWorks’ The Prince of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea continues to be one of God’s most popular works recorded in Scripture, ” said Mahoney. “But the evidence for it is tricky, and there are different schools of thought concerning how and where it happened. In the making of The Red Sea Miracle, it was my mission to explore those perspectives as thoroughly as possible in pursuit of discovering what exactly took place before the Israelites on that fateful day and where. ” Through conducting an on-site investigation and working closely with a spectrum of source experts and commentators ranging from radio host Eric Metaxas to Egyptologist Manfred Bietak and Cecillia DeMille Presley, granddaughter of Cecil B. DeMille, Mahoney explores both the Egyptian and Hebrew beliefs about the Red Sea’s parting to uncover a range of evidence about the details concerning the miracle described in Exodus 14. “For two decades, I’ve been investigating this miracle, ” said Mahoney. “It’s been a privilege to watch this biblical work come to life, and I’m eager to share its many nuances with the world through this two-part on-screen event. ” The Red Sea Miracle will show in select theaters as a two-part Fathom event; part one, which investigates the journey to the different proposed crossing sites where the miracle took place, releases February 18, 2020, and part two, which explores how the sea was miraculously parted and if any evidence still remains today, follows on May 5, 2020. The feature presentation will be followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion. For more information about The Red Sea Miracle, visit. About Patterns of Evidence As Bible-based filmmakers and curriculum writers, Patterns of Evidence is a biblical resource for educators and critical thinkers seeking substantial material for growing in the faith. The company has released two informative films including The Moses Controversy and The Exodus. Its newest release, The Red Sea Miracle, has been in the making for nearly two decades and will release to theaters in 2020. To learn more, visit. ### Contact Heidi McDow [email protected] (972) 267-1111.

Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length 2016. DAH! Moses did and this was verified in the 1840's as Moses appeared and corresponded with a Prophet! This after Jesus Christ and God the Father appeared to restore the Gospel. records updated not by guessing but thru the power of God and speaking directly with many of the original writers/authors of each and every book/section of the scriptures! The people during the time of Moses very mush literate (readers) s Egypt the leading power at the time, even the slaves would have some ability of written language (from the start God has always stressed written language, how did the Jews after 400 years still retain there identity, not was indoctrinated into Egyptian society but maintained there separation from them. So today the best way to destroy the story is to devalue the purpose of the story, lets call them stupid, uneducated and the big one, illiterate! Way Greek (just using the brief video as I have not seen the movie) If I was to write of events that I was instructed/shown why into a language that most of the current people (Hebrews) possible don't know or limited unto? Unless its for a limited scholar ignorance explained! Well the proof I started with was, James 1:5, i went to the source. and do you know what! follow this simple advice and the big man of the house will tell you all.

What a crock of. What are you doing? running weapons in the name of God. How sad. Liars.

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Im so grateful to God and Ron for showing the truth about Sinai. May God bless you. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Watch full length. Mr Rohl who is featured very prominently and on whose book this film is based on is very dishonest in his explanations. Just one example is the number of columns in the so called Joseph's palace. Rohl and this film contend that there are 12 columns in the same collonade, when in actual fact the number is 31. Furthermore the assertion that the pyramidic tomb near the site was empty is misleading. Archeologists found two bodies inside - one male and one female. These are just a couple of facts that this film conveniently ignores or blatantly omits to misguide the viewers. The filmmaker presents the arguments in this film as something new and unheard in the scholarly community, yet they've been known for decades for those who study Christian apologetics.

Armenia Ararat.
How do I know that it's the Most ridiculous statement you've ever heard? I want to see the facts, proof, and evidence.

Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length 2017. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length movies. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length video. “Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle” will be in theaters Feb. 18, 2020. | Patters of Evidence “Patterns of Evidence” filmmaker Tim Mahoney is gearing up to release the next installment in his series of archaeological and scientific investigations into historical biblical accounts. His latest film looks at the Exodus miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. The biblical account of the parting of the Red Sea is found in Exodus 14 and details the Israelites' escape from slavery led by Moses as the Egyptian army pursued them.  Following the success of Mahoney's previous award-winning "Patterns of Evidence" projects, he believes this film, like the others, will refute secular scholars’ claims that the Bible is mere fiction and do so in a way that is understood by people worldwide.     “ Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle, ” a Thinking Man Films production, will be in select theaters nationwide for one day only on Feb. 18 through Fathom Events.   The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post's interview with Mahoney who has been investigating biblical accounts for over 20 years. In the interview he detailed what it was like to retrace the steps of Moses and the Israelites as he searched for archaeological evidence to create “Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle” Part 1 and 2. The Christian Post: In the film you describe the Egyptian and Hebrew accounts of the parting of the Red Sea. Most Christians visualize the Charlton Heston version of that account, which you said you have also done. Can you explain the two positions? Mahoney: When we make a “Patterns of Evidence” film we look for a way to explain the different viewpoints that are being used to explain biblical events such as the Red Sea miracle. In this new film, we identified what we termed an Egyptian Approach which believes that the Exodus account borrowed Egyptian words to describe the crossing location. And they believe these words point to the crossing at one of the reedy lakes near the border of Egypt.   The other viewpoint we call the Hebrew Approach disagrees with a near Egypt location. They believe that the words used to describe the location where Moses and the Israelites crossed are Hebrew words and do not have a connection to Egypt. They also point to other biblical references that place the sea of the Exodus at the Gulf of Aqaba. CP: In the film you also explain the importance of the Hebrew and Egyptian translations of individual words when discussing the parting of the sea account. How revealing was the actual translation in your research? Mahoney: What we know is that the sea was first called “Yam Suph" in Hebrew. Centuries later it is translated into Greek as “Red Sea. ” Over time people also called the location “Sea of Reeds. ” What we would learn is that reeds don’t grow in saltwater, they grow in freshwater. The Egyptian approach believes that the word “Suph” might be a translation from the Egyptian word “Pa Tufy” which means “place of reeds. ”  Yet, the Hebrew Approach challenges this connection claiming that Moses was writing an eyewitness account to Hebrews using Hebrew words and Hebrew meanings, not Egyptian. CP: What were you most surprised to find out about the parting of the sea? Mahoney: This is the first film of a two-part film event. The Red Sea Miracle part 1 (in theaters on Feb. 18) really lays out two distinctly different ways people see God working in a miracle. The Egyptian Approach sees the parting as a naturalistic event where wind was the agent and it moved water naturally. The miracle would be in the timing.   The Hebrew Approach primarily believes that the miracle was not only caused by wind but that God miraculously parted the water. The depth of the water would not be a problem for the God of the Bible who created the universe. CP: What would you like for others to take from this new installment of Patterns of Evidence? Mahoney: We all are faced with difficult times in our lives, when we think we are not going to make it. We are trapped at the sea with the Egyptians behind us. But God wants us to call on Him and trust Him for the solution to our dilemma.  CP: Have your discoveries impacted historians' beliefs about these biblical accounts? Mahoney: I have learned that many historians don’t change their minds once they declare a position. But I am OK with that. I enjoy hearing what they believe and why they believe it. I couldn’t make these films without them. I do think I have help raise the awareness of these questions about the historical credibility and have shown a pattern of evidence that matches the biblical events. At the end of the day, it’s up to the viewer to decide if these films make sense. But it will give them a lot to think about. That’s why we call our company Thinking Man Films. CP: What's next for the "Patterns of Evidence" series? Mahoney: The "Red Sea Miracle" part 2 (in theaters on May 5), that’s when we look closer at the locations for the sea's parting. We will look at how the sea was parted [and] was it naturalistic or supernatural, which depends [on] where you place the crossing.  We will also look to see if claims of chariot wheels on the bottom of the seafloor have any merit.  And finally, we will explore the question of miracles. What is a miracle and do they still happen today?

Going to Great lengths to prove a mythical legend. Noah's Ark is an old Fairy tale it is certain it never happened. Geology, anthropology, zoology, the unbroken History of China and Egypt Evolution etc. have proven this in dozens of ways. Bizarre Delusional Disorder A SERIOUS MENTAL CONDITION should not be promoted. Flooding stories are common in flood regions, this does not come close to evidence of a world wide flood. Signs and symptoms. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length free. Wow, i mean, i'm surprised how a movie this old can recreate this moment of the bible this good.

1:13 El Chapulín Colorado broughts me here😭😭😭. Very interesting video, Thank you for shareing this... Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length film. Nice one! Such common sense. and yet I didn't even think of it haha. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length 2. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length movie.

YouTube. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Watch Full lengthy. Dear David Rohl; THE MISSING KEYS TO ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN HISTORY: Hello. You might be interested in our history materials! The ancient Sumero-Mesopotamian & East Indian history studies compared by Dr. John Pilkey will amaze you. We follow the very short chronology and parallel David Rohls works. We use the date of Sargin to get a 2518 flood date. I've studied it for 25 years following my Professors 40+ years. Our books are in editing and the titles may change most are up on Amazon. The books are available in the following link. The following Genesis-10 materials introduce the reader to comparative mythology (Euhemerist based) and demonstrates a mono-mythological tradition, glossed over by the ancient destruction of Babel, and dispersion (after the Erech-Aratta War) of Near Eastern cultures. All national myths, when correctly interpreted, describe the same ancient Near Eastern events. We take the out of the A.N.E., and not the out of Africa position on origins. The Y-Chrom and Mtdna maps support our mono-genetic view as well. You will see in these works that ALL the global Pantheons of gods are all the same Patriarchs in Genesis 10-14 Enjoy. ROSS S MARSHALL NEW BOOKS: by Ross S Marshall, John D. Pilkey and Dr George F. Howe.

Did Moses really lead the children of Israel across the Red Sea? Did God miraculously part the waters of the sea and save them from their enemies? Or, as many liberal scholars would argue, is this account just a fabrication or an exaggerated retelling of a much less exciting historical event? Discover the truth in a brand-new two-part documentary in the Patterns of Evidence film series. Part 1 is coming to theaters across the United States for one night only, February 18,. This powerful and challenging film begins the investigation into the Red Sea crossing—where was it? Did it happen? How many Israelites left Israel? Where was Mount Sinai? Did the Red Sea actually split? Do these kinds of miracles happen? And, was there any evidence left behind? Don’t miss Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Part I, in US theaters one night only. Order your tickets today to avoid disappointment as it may sell out. Be sure also to mark your calendar for the exciting conclusion to the intriguing investigation, which will be detailed in Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Part II, coming to US theaters one night only, May 5, 2020. If you haven’t seen the first two excellent documentaries in this series, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus and Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, I encourage you to watch them before this newest installment comes to theaters. They are fascinating and a helpful background to the information given in this upcoming film. You can find them available for sale at our online store. Find theaters near you, and additional details, at. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦✌️. The proof of god, thank you, its all true. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length album. I feel that one day continuing the search I feel in my heart it will be found by who I don't know when I don't know that either but persistence will pay off for those of you planning on exploring up there God be with you.🕶.

Ron didn't have the benefit of Google maps. Nuweba jumps out at you when you look at the Gulf of Aqaba. YEP! I paused it at 10 seconds. sure enough. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length episode. Sounds interesting. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length online. AFTER the flood there were no TREES an olive twig/branch was all that a little DOVE brought back. Ffs people... NOW pay attention so you might learn some common dang sense! GIANT Global flood, SMALL bird, VERY slow water receding TWIG aka branch from an OLIVE tree, BABY olive tree at that LEARN to critically think and question authority BE like little children and question reality. SO There is NO mention of God making all the plants and trees like in the beginning; like poof magic, fully formed trees! Therefore, there was little to no vegetation save this tiny olive tree starting, when the Ark landed on Mt Ararat. Annnnd, THEREFORE the ark its self was used to shelter everyone and all those animals. GEEZ how can people be so easily betrayed by historians and the elite of this world? How can they have no eyes to see or ears to hear LIES? More importantly how can they have NO BRAINS to think. For lack of knowledge many are lost alright... 😩.

Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length hd. Patterns of Evidence: The Red Sea Miracle Watch Full length. They skip past the fact Gilgamesh was written earlier than the Old Testament. MANY MANY YEARS AGO, RON WYATT MADE THE DISCOVERES THAT OTHERS CONTINUE TO LOOK FOR. Why. I'd have to hear the interview for myself before taking this interview seriously. 😲😲😀😀I love Jesus ❤ 💯. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length song. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length hair.

Be still and that l am God. Thank you all for these wonderful interview peter from nigeria. Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the Lord drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left. B for effort, but still no brownie button. Patterns of evidence: the red sea miracle watch full length full.

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